Up 40% and Growing

Money tree continues to grow with our unique trading strategy of hybrid trading. We are using the computer to throw entries and are adding to the positions on trend recognition. This market is great because everyone can participate and dictate their own level of risk tolerance. We firmly believe as the computer helps us with management of portfolio trading 8 pairs simultaneously the bigger benefit is like having other traders in the room to spot moves in market that only one person is impossible to cover. We made nice profit on last trade but this one should be around 100% gain in coming weeks so we are happy and risk is around 20%. 
The key to trading forex for larger moves it to use lower leverage to tolerate wider moves and allows you to minimize your draw down while at the same time maximize your profit. These trades are trend trades looking for directional move while the system fires off swing trades. Best of both worlds what an investment. Yahooo!!!
Author: professor4x
Leonard D. Neuhaus, Jr. Qualifications: Started on Wall St. 1984 and has been trading for over 15 years in forex market. He has been on numerous seminars around the world and has taught hundreds of traders successfully. Has Held: Series 7, 6, 63, 34, 3, life, ethics and code. With these tests he is now passing on this knowledge to help students better understand the different trading strategies and markets to help them prosper with their own financial life endeavor.

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