ATU AutoTrader

Rule 1. Protects Capital: Most important of All!!

Capital Preservation: Profits are there for the making, but the real key to trading is not
making money; it is keeping it. If you blow up your account game over. DISCIPLINE!!!

Good Traders Are:

  • Mundane – do not trade for excitement
  • Repetitive – Use same signal and leverage
  • Habitual – looking for same results
  • Capitulated – stay within their comfort zone

Rule 2. Sets Trading Plan: Entry, Stop, Target

Some traders do not know what to do if they are wrong nor what to do if they are right
because they didn’t have a plan. The large floating profit they make may often turn into a
large loss, because they did not know when to get out. A large loss could turn into a blown
up account because they didn’t understand the risk and use proper risk management
with predetermined stops. Trade defensively and always know your downside and what
you are at risk of losing. When you are most exposed to emotion and greed, you are much
more likely to change your plan. If you lift your stop or change your target, you have no
plan. ATU AutoTrader never changes plan and is set same automatically.

Rule 3. Takes Profits

Understanding Risk/Reward: Trading Forex is a question of what the odds are of being
right and what your willing to risk if wrong. This is known as risk/reward ratio. Good
money management means you know your profit objective with targets and the odds of
being right or wrong and know how to control your risks with stops. ATU AutoTrader takes
profits automatically and resets open position in market with same risk/reward.


This is exactly what ATU AutoTrader has been
designed to do and allows everyone to participate
in the market daily.