Auto Trading Benefits

  • Makes Everyone a Trader
  • Sets Trade Plan with Entry, Stops, Targets
  • Makes money in any market scenario – Up or Down
  • More Disciplined than Human Beings
  • Immune to Economic or Political Uncertainties
  • No Commissions
  • Lowest Expense Ratio of Any Asset Class
  • Total Transparency
  • Capital Preservation
  • Sophisticated Risk Management
  • Short Term High Frequency
  • 24 hour account access
  • Greatest Execution Due to Market Size
  • Greatest Leverage Tool
  • Computer Trading for Speed/Accuracy
  • Always in Market to Participate
  • Trade Multiple Pairs Simultaneously
  • Lower Insolvency Risk


Always Participating: 

We believe by keeping your entry price as close to market price as possible everyday so you have an opportunity to participate in the market (timing) gives your investment a better opportunity to participate. This is what Forex Funds are designed to do and always are in the market or close to market so we are in a position to participate in the market instead of sitting with dead money. High frequency short term trading in the forex market is most predictable type of trading because its short-term nature of entries (an hour trade has more predictability than a 1 year trade, etc.) and controllable risk because of sophisticated risk management due to liquidity that only the spot forex provides.

Take Advantage of Any Market Scenario:

With many traditional investments, only a bullish position can be taken (i.e., by buying a stock when thinking its value is going to increase). Structured products enable investors to take any position they want: bullish, bearish or flat. Moreover, investors do not have to limit their view on the performance of an asset. They can also express views on its volatility or on its correlation with other assets plus technical indicators.
The “exotic” element can derive from an unusual payout or new underlying asset, or a combination of both. Innovations in creating new products to meet client’s needs, takes risk in pricing and executing trades, and hedges and manages the resulting risk positions which is why we believe Forex Fund Investments will come to forefront.

Just Ask!

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