Takes 1 hour to complete.
In just a few simple steps we will get you to instantly trade FOREX profitably with our proprietary autotrading software.


Step 1:

You will have to study a few lessons. This will prepare you to operate our proprietary autotrading software yourself and teach you how to manage your trading capital. Passing the exam makes it where we can entrust you with our trading software.

Lesson 1:  Controlling Equity Swings & Drawdowns

  • Capital Preservation is Number 1 rule of trading and by understanding how to control your risk makes a big difference in return. Profits are there for the making, but the real key to trading is not making money: it is keeping it.  If you blow up your account game over. ATU teaches you to keep control of your account whilst at the same time allowing you to participate. 

Lesson 2: Understanding Risk / Reward

  • Trading any asset class, a trader must know what risk/reward is on every trade.  Must have a plan for entering which is what software does for you and you must determine your own risk based on lot size or notional value vs. your account balance.

Lesson 3:  Lot Size vs. Equity Value

  • Teaches you what lot size to use vs. your account value so you understand the risk. This explains about leverage and how it’s your greatest investment tool but also how to use it. Forex gives you an amazing 100:1 leverage tool which is outstanding because means you can have greater solvency while trading but you must know how to use it.

Lesson 4: Running the System

  • Brief explanation on how currency pairs trade but more importantly shows you what pairs to trade and how to adjust setting to maximize returns. Also makes sure you understand what lot size to use as initial entry and make adjustment accordingly. 

Lesson 5: Final Exam

  • You will be REQUIRED to take and pass a twenty-question test to make sure you understand how to adjust the lot sizes vs your account balance so you can run system successfully. If you do not make a 90% you can take test as many times as you like until your able to pass. This is designed to protect your money, so you have a happy trading experience and enjoy making money.  If you have trouble passing test we are here to help with clarification or a free lesson over the phone. We want you to succeed and it’s our passion to make sure your comfortable using your new skill.

Step 2:

Free Demo Download

Step 3:

Free Software with installation instructions.

Step 4:

Start Trading