How to Accumulate WealthBaby boomers retiring at record pace are tapping into government entitlements via Social Security and Medicare at record withdrawals forcing stagnation.

Only ways to get wealthy are listed below.

  • Marry Into It – Can’t kiss all the girls
  • Inherit from past generations 
  • Hit lottery (unlikely)
  • Professional Income – Athletes, rock stars, movies, etc.
  • Accelerate Growth Rate of Money

So you see if your like most people to become wealthy in our lifetimes we must know how to accelerate the growth rate of our money and take a calculated risk.

For all of those whom are not willing to take a risk they are working for the one that has.
We can control our investment decisions and go after higher returns due to our own risk appetite but it must be controlled. Nobody wants to just place all their life savings on red or black because the set back is to severe and the recovery period is too long.
When you finally understand how to make money on a regular basis thru the skills of trading it allows for the finer things in life. It cycles like this: Grow your money, withdraw, buy something nice, Grow your money, withdraw, buy something nice.
Even though the society we live in wants us all to be wage slaves to support the elitist in government the only out we have is to make our money work harder than ever. When you develop a skill set which is bankable the meaning of life changes and becomes one of fulfillment rather than a grind.
The structure of life as we know it is for the government to keep the masses suppressed thru regulation and taxation demanding us to work for the system. Do yourself a favor get involved and learn how to accelerate the rate or return on your money because you have very little options elsewhere. Bottom Line:
Life is Only Sweeter With a Little Bit of Risk

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