Forex Hybrid MAM Funds is a MAM (multi account manager) that diversifies a basket of currencies using automated and manual trades signals thru a master account linked to sub accounts taking advantage of sophisticated risk management tools to control numerous accounts at same time and managed by professionals. The meaning for hybrid is having two forms of power and in this case it’s man and computers combined trading skills.

Forex MAM accounts are designed for professional traders and allow them to raise the level of complexity by allowing them to assign a greater leverage to specific sub accounts for clients that want greater risk or reduce risk with lower leverage for people with less tolerance. These accounts are suitable for investors with a high-risk or low-risk tolerance and a high level of market understanding.

This type of trading is best way to maximize your returns while not increasing your risk so that your able to participate in market activity every day and NOT sitting with investments that are too far away from your entry and cause DEAD MONEY!!

These are the big advantages of automated trading because your able to control the software and set the parameters or risk your most comfortable with, plus turn it ON or Off whenever you want. Another big advantage is if you like a certain trade you can gear it up or down to maximize returns or just throw a manual trade when you have a recognizable trade signal you trust. Best of both worlds giving you complete control over your money regardless of market moves! Funds also offer 100% transparency in real time so you’re always in touch with your money.

Risk Tolerance Ranking – We believe that everyone has a different risk tolerance when they invest money based on comfort level of swings in equity. We believe the most determine factor for controlling equity swings and draw down is the lot size or leverage used against account value while trading. The higher the lot size as a percent of account size will have a direct correlation with account values, risk/reward, and equity swings as a percentage. Below is example of the risk level description:

  • Conservative With trade entry of 2:1 leverage which means trading 2X your money would be considered conservative because it will minimize drawdowns or equity swings to 2% per pair. If we have 4 open entries our max loss is 8% which is minor considering this assumes every trade is a loss. We believe with this low leverage you can target double digit returns over the course of year trading.
  • Moderate With trade entry of 5:1 leverage which means 5X your money would be considered moderate because it will require investor to tolerate higher equity swings as a percent but also target much larger gains. Will 4 entries using 100 pip stop loss means you must be willing to risk 20% draw down or loss but can target returns to be over 100% with successful trades.
  • AggressiveWith trade entry of 10:1 or higher which means trading 10X your money would be very aggressive and require investor to tolerate deep draw downs over 40% with 4 open positions. This type of investment requires a lot greater tolerance but if done correctly can produce returns of triple your money or total loss of account. Only for people looking for extreme volatility and can afford to lose everything.

Benefits of Forex Hybrid MAM Funds

  • Professionally Traded
  • Sophisticated Risk Management
  • Superior Execution
  • 100% Transparency
  • Low Expenses
  • Predesigned Trading Plan
  • More Predictable Risk/Reward
  • Immune to Economic and Political Uncertainties
  • Take Advantage of Any Market Scenario
  • Short Term More Predictable Trading
  • Trades Multiple Pairs Simultaneously
  • 24 Hour Account Access