Professional Traders – if you want to participate but do not have the time or feel overwhelmed with course you can open an account with us. This will place your money with ours and we will manage system for you. You will always have 100% transparency and can pull out anytime moje tłumaczenie.

Take the Course – This will teach you how to run the software so you can start making money like professional traders.  It’s fully automated and triggers entry, then sets trading plan with stop and target price so you don’t have to worry about it.

Practice Account – Congratulations ! Means you passed the course and ready to run it on demo platform, which is exactly like live platform, to see how it works for you.  So you can run it while we watch and help.

Time To Go Live – OK you are ready to go live with real money. You feel confident that after running demo for a couple weeks that your happy enough. Means your comfortable with results and you understand how it works.