Investment Objective:

Funds main objective is to set parameters on software targeting 50% a year on money while using trading software to manage money and risk. System will only trade in the Forex Market using major currency pairs from around the world. System will diversify primarily among 7 pairs (Euro, Aussie, Pound, Canadian Dollar, Yen, and combinations) automatically every time the trade signal is recognize which will enter the trade setting the Stop and Target.

Computer will use the same parameters on every trade regardless of market conditions. Manager will always have the option to turn system on or off whenever we believe it to be necessary to protect capital or make adjustment to increase return when market presents itself thru technical analysis.

Risk Tolerance: Conservative

System Description:

This system uses the 10-day SMA (simple moving average) on the 30 min chart with a target price and stop automatically placed on every entry. We will use a 2:1 leverage on initial entry whiling increasing managed leverage on losers until hit target. System have hit target over 80% of time historically but past performance cannot be indicative of future results.

We believe based on the trade signal, plus the execution only the forex market can offer we will continue to make consistent entries based on this trade signal under normal market conditions. This system can be run on any pair and the lot size is determined by the investor or manager, so the numbers will stay at parity according to the risk/reward factors. It is proven that every trader uses moving averages as a pivot and the Multi30 is ours for running the system. It can be adjusted to have a pip step and the stops and targets can also be adjusted for each pair based on the investors own risk appetite.

System allows trader/manager with any technical skills and to adjust lot size accordingly when they recognize a trade signal either long or short to enhance the returns when opportunity presents itself to be manageable. This system is very predictable because every time it triggers you know exactly what your risk/reward ratio will be based on your leverage and/or lot size.

Fees & Expenses

Performance Fee 10% – We will deduct a performance fee every 30-day period which will set a new high-water mark to exceed before we can charge it again.


Spread Rebate – Auto Trading University and affiliated companies have financial relationships with brokers and dealers in the foreign exchange markets, and receive a financial benefit should you open an account with one of these broker/dealers, and that is why we can trade commission free because we are compensated through a rebate due to a widening or mark-up of the spread, we buy at wholesale and sell at retail. We believe by setting account up this way we lower the expense ratio on portfolio giving us better chance of higher returns. It also means we trade always in the client’s best interest since our performance will impact our income in the long term.