Multi30 Forex Hybrid Fund

One Year Track Record

Investment Objective: Maximize return targeting 50% a year on money while using trading software to manage money and risk. System will only trade in the Forex Market using major currency pairs from around the world. System will diversify among 7 pairs automatically every time the trade signal is recognize which will enter the trade setting the Stop and Target. Computer will use the same parameters on every trade regardless of market conditions. Manager will always have the option to turn system on or off whenever we feel it necessary to protect capital.

System Description: Multi30 This system uses the 10-day SMA (simple moving average) on the 30 min chart with a 30-pip target price and 100 pip stop. If you use a 1:1 entry the risk 0.09% / reward 0.03% per trade and it will hit target over 80% of time. This system can be run on any pair and the lot size is determined by the investor or manager, so the numbers will stay at parity according to the risk/reward factors. It is proven that every trader uses moving averages as a pivot and the Multi30 is ours for running the system. It can be adjusted to have a pip step and the stops and targets can also be adjusted for each pair based on the investors own risk appetite.  If you have any technical skills and want to adjust lot size accordingly the returns are very attractive and manageable. This system is very predictable because every time it triggers you know exactly what your risk/reward ratio will be.

Forex Hybrid Funds are a basket of currencies that are diversified and professionally managed using automated trade signals along with manual trade signals taking advantage of sophisticated risk management in any market environment.  This type of trading is best way to maximize your returns while not increasing your risk so that your able to participate in market activity every day and NOT sitting with investments that are too far away from your entry and cause DEAD MONEY!! These are the big advantages of automated trading because your able to control the software and set the parameters or risk your most comfortable with, plus turn it ON or Off whenever you want. Another big advantage is if you like a certain trade you can gear it up or down to maximize returns or just throw a manual trade when you have a recognizable trade signal you trust. Best of Both Worlds giving you complete control over your money regardless of market moves! Funds also offer 100% transparency in real time so you’re always in touch with your money.

Manual Track Record

This statement is when we traded for a bank back in 06/07 under another company name and is what created interest in developing an automated trade signal. You will see on statement an 84% gain after 9 months. Entries: 2006 Winners: 1999 Losers: 7 All trades are documented on date, time, pair, entry, exit, and profit so you can open statement and see these results for yourself. These results are from same account just statement so large had to be broken down into two parts.

For further information or to open an account please email: [email protected]