What is Auto Trading?

Auto Trading allows the investor to trade with a software known as an Expert Advisor that automatically set the trade based on trade signals. It lets the investor set the parameters for their own risk appetite so they know exactly what the risk/reward is every time they trigger or enter the market. Anyone can trade using an Expert Advisor because its software that is programmed by seasoned traders that share their trade signal to others and enters market automatically.

An Expert Advisor is a piece of software written specifically for the MetaTrader Platform. An Expert Advisor can just advise traders which trades to make or can be programmed to automatically execute the trades on a live account. Expert Advisors are very flexible pieces of software that can take any information into account that is available on the metatrader platform. They are written in their own proprietary programming language called MetaQuotes Language Version 4.

Their are numerous Expert Advisor’s on the market so even though we created our own you can also choose from others to trade your account once you understand how to set the parameters. That is where Auto Trading University comes in, they help and teach investors how to manage their risk to make money.

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