Why We Trade

Why We Trade

Trading as we know it is a relatively short term investment for most part and not exposed to all the chaos.
With the China Deal up in the air, Impeachment Process, Brexit, Turkey invasion, etc. it makes it almost impossible to predict long term capital flows or direction of any market.

With automated fx hybrid trading we have the best of all worlds because our returns are not reliant on long term very risky direct investments (buying on long side and hoping it goes up).

With trading Forex, it’s giving us the greatest execution of any market because of liquidity provided by global capital flow with international banks, it makes entry or exit rather easy.

We really don’t care about China, Trump, Brexit or whatever, all we care about is finding entry, controlling equity swings, and having a specific plan that determines our risk.

Personally lost a lot of money Crash of 87 and then again tech crash of 2001 when NASDAQ went from 5000 to 1200 in two months. That’s when i realized their had to be a better way and awfully glad that it’s come to fruition. Trading is a great SKILL to have because once it’s mastered (without getting over confident) it last a lifetime.

Sell All GBP/AUD and GBP/JPY rallies this has a big down trend.

My Current Manual Positions

Sell Gbp/Aud  1.8135 Stop 1.82  Target 1.80
Sell Gbp/Jpy  130.85  Stop 132   Target 129

Multi30 Automated Settings

Pair On/Off  Position Gear
Gbp/ChfOn Long & Short1:2
Gbp/JpyOn Long & Short1:2
Gbp/AudOn Long & Short1:2
Eur/Aud On Long & Short1:2
Eur/Jpy On Long & Short1:2
Aud/Usd On Long & Short1:2
Usd/CadOn Long & Short1:2

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