System Description

ATU uses trading systems with different strategies and risk.


This system uses the 10 day SMA (simple moving average) on the 30 min chart with a 30 pip target price and 100 pip stop. If you use a 1:1 entry the risk 0.09% / reward 0.03% per trade and it will hit target over 90% of time. This pair can be run on any pair and the lot size is determined by the investor so the numbers will stay at parity according to the risk/reward factors. It is proven that every trader uses moving averages as a pivot and the Multi30 is ours for running the system. It can be adjusted to have a pip step and the stops and targets can also be adjusted for each pair based on the investors own risk appetite.  If you have any technical skills and want to adjust lot size accordingly the returns are very attractive and manageable. This system is very predictable because every time it triggers you know  exactly what your risk/reward ratio will be.

The risk of trading is determined by the user depending on the extent of leverage used due to each investors own risk appetite.  Risk is based on the amount of lots used on initial entry for each pair and number of pairs being run in portfolio. Each portfolio is created by the investor based on their own understanding of the market and how they want to run their account. The key to making money in trading is to understand your risk and set the parameters to your own comfort level. We at ATU are here to help you understand that  risk while the computer sets your plan so you always can participate in the market without the burdensome of finding entry.

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