Why it works

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Direct Investments Are Old Fashion

Equities can have high returns but are risky and investors may lose capital in a direct investment. (only investing on one side of market expecting price to increase). These direct investments such as real estate, futures, commodities, mutual funds, equities, etc. are now exposing investors to much greater risk because of lack of liquidity, Dodd/Frank Act, and NOT being able to participate on both sides of market with same equality whether long or short. We believe because of globalization’s capital flows with every market interconnected thru technology that these type of investments will have to tolerate much more volatility due to limited capitalization (Only so many shares issued) and limited participants (share or contract holders creating the liquidity). Hybrids are a totally new asset class for structured products, such as algorithmic trading strategies developed internally, quantitative analysis, hedging, and dynamic strategies driven by external expert advisers. Managing the risks in so called “risky investments” to participate in either side of market equally.]

Take Advantage of Any Market Scenario

With many traditional investments, only a bullish position can be taken (i.e., by buying a stock when thinking its value is going to increase).  Forex enable investors to take any position they want: bullish, bearish or flat. Moreover, investors do not have to limit their view on the performance of an asset. They can also express views on its volatility or on its correlation with other assets plus technical indicators. The “exotic” element can derive from an unusual payout or new underlying asset, or a combination of both. Innovations in creating new products to meet client’s needs, takes risk in pricing and executing trades, and hedges and manages the resulting risk positions which is why Forex Expert Advisor Investments we believe will come to forefront.


Sophisticated Risk Management

Due to the $4.5 Trillion of money being traded everyday it makes the timing and execution paramount for Risk Management making it more reliable than a fixed capitalized market such as futures, commodities, options, and equities. When you’re dealing with a central trading floor with fixed capitalization (only a fixed number of shares or contracts being traded) with limited participants(the individuals creating the market based on their holdings) they must provide their own liquidity. The problem is that everyone knows when a large buy or sell hits the market and adjust their market price according to size or volume not to get caught on wrong side. If the same participants are trading the same instrument they know normal volumes and when a large sell order comes in the participants tend to drop in price which reduces the ability to get a single price executed when trying to get out. Works same way on buy orders. Spot or Cash forex market can absorb most orders of any size with same fill because it’s the international banks creating the liquidity which trades in average tranches of $250 million so when these small retail orders hit the market it normally fills them straight away without slippage.

Insolvency Risk

When investing in the markets overall one of the greatest risk an investor faces is when solvency becomes insolvency because of adverse market move. What happens often is when the investor makes entry into a position and the market moves directly against their holdings it causes them to be out of the market which forces them to make another decision to buy more, close position, or hold dead money. This than keeps the investor at bay because if they do not have the money to buy more and lower their entry price they become insolvent and are unable to make a decision without taking a loss or holding, causing dead money. We believe by having a leverage trading tool helps alleviate this risk substantially because we are leveraging the money together to diversify and allows your account to have plenty of equity to participate in market. We believe because of having the ability to enter multiple positions due to the leverage tool it gives us an advantage over other asset classes when the individual investor may only have limited funds to invest.


Computer Automated Trading

We believe that since a computer has no emotion is makes a much better pattern able trader for a system because it executes regardless of emotions therefore making it more consistent than humans. Expert Advisor trading systems are becoming more reliable because of the increase in high frequency program trading occurring on every market daily. They always say the best traders are ones that can trade without excitement or emotions because market should be traded same regardless of events. Computers are also better at timeliness of entry and exit because its much faster than a human’s response giving us more reliable triggers when market moves and creates trade signal. With the aid of the computer it makes it much easier to diversify and trade multiple pairs simultaneously which gives us more opportunities as well. So it’s like having a team of traders handle your money instead of one and like everything in life traders run in cycles of hot and cold so the more traders handling different pairs the greater the diversification to help minimize the equity swings on most part.

Always Participating

We believe the key to making money is by keeping your entry price as close to market price as possible everyday so you have an opportunity to participate in the market (timing) gives your investment a better opportunity to participate. This is what Forex Expert Advisor’s are designed to do and always are in the market or close to market so we are in a position to participate in the market instead of sitting with dead money. High frequency short term automated trading in the forex market is most predictable type of trading because its short term nature of entries (a hour trade has more predictability than a 1 year trade, etc.) and controllable risk because of sophisticated risk management due to liquidity that only the spot forex provides.


Learn to Earn

We teach students how to make money by using Expert Advisor softwares to become system traders in the forex market. We encourage leverage and want everyone to trade multiple pairs to create a portfolio of currencies. We also teach investors how to load, configure, and run automated trading software along with sophisticated risk management when setting the parameters for their own risk tolerance while trading. You will learn how to make money and only spend 5 mins a day to manage your money with little to no risk providing you stick to system taught. Just get involved and realize you have been taught the wrong way to invest because times have changed, and if things don’t change they stay the same. It’s time to grab a hold of your finanical future and have more control over your funds than rely on a back dated marketplace.

New Students receive 100% Bonus Up to $5000